Where has summer gone??

It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost Labor Day weekend.  Where has the summer gone?  It always seems to fly by, and we in the Midwest try to pack so much activity into these months of beautiful weather when we don’t have to take a sudden snow or ice storm into consideration for traveling.  I just dread winter when you have things on the calendar and then the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you have to stay put.  I don’t know why I’m whining all ready about that..I think it’s just that with Labor Day approaching, I’m realizing how fast the months fly.  The only thing that is helping me not dread this winter so much is our new grandchild that we are patiently waiting for, to make HIS entrance into the world the end of December.  Now that makes the fact that the months are flying by, easier to handle.  I can’t wait.. and I also can’t believe that we will be grandparent’s!  I can’t wait to meet the little guy and cuddle and love him.  We have two beautiful step-grandchildren, but this will be the first new baby for us.  Our daughter Meghan is doing well and looks so darn cute with her little belly.  I didn’t ever look as good as she does pregnant or never wore such cute maternity cloths when I was expecting either of our daughters.  She was even wearing her bikini a month ago when she was going into her fifth month!  Now, that I can’t remember wearing even when I wasn’t pregnant!  How times and shapes have changed!   Baby Lippert is practicing his kicks and punches quite a bit, and she is loving every minute of it.

OUR HOME suits our needs quite well for now, even with our growing family.  But if we ever have a chance to build again, we will definitely take this great architect and his plans into consideration.


I don’t know if you have heard of the architect by the name of Jack Arnold or not, but I am a huge fan of his.  I own most of his portfolio’s that contain his home plans and I study, dream and review them quite often.  My next home will definitely have his style, if not one of his plans.  He is very talented and creative, and if you love Country French or Cottages, you will definitely fall in love with one of his plans.

Arnold is president of Architectural Resources, an architectural firm; and Design Properties, a residential construction firm, both based in Tulsa, Okla. Primarily, Arnold designs, and in some cases, builds elegant homes that feature French architecture. (www.jackarnoldcom)


I’m ready to pack and move right in to this one..I love the color, balcony, and everything about it..love the wall around the yard too.

PRESS RELEASE  Dream Home Portfolio Offers New Designs From Jack Arnold’s Homes of Elegance

TULSA, Okla.- Homeowners looking to create the home of their dreams can begin the process by purchasing the newest luxury house plan from architect Jack Arnold.

Titled The Dream Home, this portfolio features 11 distinct variations on the original concept, each with its own special features and proportions. The book includes color photography of exterior elevations, interior rooms and a poolside cabana, and may be purchased for $35 at jackarnold.com. Study size floor plans also are included.

The Dream Home is the third portfolio published by Jack Arnold, following his highly successful Country French Classics and Old World Romantics portfolios, which may also be purchased online.

Jack Arnold, AIA is noted throughout the U.S. for creating elegant, livable European homes of the finest quality. His companies include Homes of Elegance, European Copper, LLC and European Attic, as well as a custom design and construction company.

 For more info, go to:


He also has his own web blog for you to keep up with his news etc.

On this site, go to Media and you will see the many articles and picture of his homes in magazines such as Veranda, House Beautiful etc.  Step inside his photo gallery on his site and dream and drool over his beautiful homes.  See pictures of the interiors as well as the exteriors.

Also find information regarding other services and ideas that he offers for his homes.


Here you will find the following for your Jack Arnold Home:

Cupolas, lanterns, mantels and more.


**GO TO   http://www.murphyresources.com/gallery/Custom_Home_in_Preston_Place/index.html – To see one of his homes.


Taken from Jack Arnold Homes.com



 Hope you enjoyed a little info regarding Jack Arnold.

Keep dreaming and adding to your wish list, you never know when that dream house might come true!

Take care,