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I had my first pumpkin sighting..we were in Door County this weekend and the stands are starting to sell pumpkins.  We could even smell the apples in the orchards while in our car driving by…oh, the smell of fall!  It sure doesn’t seem possible that Labor Day has come and gone and fall decorations are starting to be on display at most of the stores.  I was on a hunt for an old wooden cart to fill with pumpkins in my yard for this fall.  I didn’t have any luck, but I’m not going to give up.  I’ll continue my search this week and I’m sure I’ll find just what I’m looking for.  Last night we went for a ride in our friends old mustang convertible and stopped at my husbands garden. (Good thing there wasn’t a scare crow there, I think I would have scared him when he saw me after driving around with the wind blowing in my hair!!)  It is just at it’s peak and the colors of squash, peppers, yellow/red tomatoes and stalks of corn are such a site to behold.  He is the neatest gardener I think I have ever seen.  I feel bad, I’m not really into it with him, but he thoroughly enjoys his project and next year claims it will be bigger and better!  He has his own kitchen in our basement, so he has been busy with his canning.  I don’t know how he does it after putting in a long day at his busy practice and coming home and heading right to his kitchen.  So far he has made dill pickles, pickled beets, bloody mary mix, (it’s the best anyone has ever what we hear!) salsa, sauerkraut, tomato sauce, tomato soup and this week his plans are to freeze corn and finish up the canned tomatoes.  He’s a busy guy and finds this so enjoyable and rewarding, his needs are so simple… I benefit by having all of these wonderful things at arms reach for cooking, and nothing is better than opening up some cans of his tomatoes for chili in the fall and winter.  Or for that matter, a delicious bloody mary with a beer chaser. is always a treat too…he puts almost a salad bar on a stick in it too!

 Do you have any fall ideas for your decorating this year?  It’s such a beautiful season and the colors are so rich and dramatic. 


Here are a few things that might help you ease into fall around your house.  All are simple and inexpensive.

First things first!  Mix peanuts and candy corn together for a sweet and salty to die for snack…it’s hard to quit munching on this!  You’ll need some energy while decorating.

Add hydrangeas cut from your bushes into vases, urns, crystal vases, pottery, or make a wreath out of your dried hydrangeas.  These are easy to spray paint also; if you would like to add some color to them.

Fill pretty bowls with apples, pears, apricots, nuts etc. for an easy centerpiece.

Make a delicious full butternut soup.

More energy for working around the house.

Top off a great urn with a pumpkin, for a fall outdoor topiary.  Stick a few leaves in the base for a little added color., or wrap the top of the urn with a fall garland, underneath the pumpkin.  Another project would be to buy a Styrofoam form at a local craft store and make your own topiary for indoors.  Add colorful leaves, fruit, nuts, gourds, mini pumpkins etc. for a great addition to a buffet table or entry table.

To make your own outdoor pumpkin topiary…Fill a large outdoor urn with dirt, take a metal bar, pound this into a large pumpkin and make an outdoor topiary.  Use three graduated sizes of pumpkins for a larger fall decoration, or do two urns for 2 stunning fall front door arrangements.

Fill an old wooden wheelbarrow or a wooden cart with pumpkins and gourds for an eye catching display for drive-by’s.  Add a hay barrel and other pumpkins and gourds around it for a beautiful outdoor fall scene.

Fill your window boxes with beautiful fall decor: pumpkins, gourds, leaves, and mums for an inviting display.Mercury Glass Pumpkin CandleholdersHarvest Feather Wreath

Drape fall leaf garland around a door, mirror, ledge, mantle.  (wreath,  and mercury glass pumkins from Smith and Hawkens)

Fill apothecary jars of different sizes with nuts, acorns, candy corn, leaves, rosehips, anything small enough to place inside the jars for a great display.  Gather them together for a table scape and add fall leaves, candles etc. around them. 

Fill your soap dishes with fall soaps shaped like acorns, pumpkins, pine cones. (company-FavorFavor)

Fill a large wicker cornucopia with branches of leaves, feathers and other decorations and add small pumpkins, or other faux fruit with them.  A large one makes a great centerpiece for your dining table, or entry table.

Set pumpkins, gourds etc. on any benches in your yard.


I stumbled upon these beautiful pillows from Cafe Press…they are so inexpensive and so vibrant.  There are hundreds to choose from in the range of $19.00-$29.00.  What a lovely way to add a touch a fall to a couch, chair or bed.  Full Show Artful Throw PillowAutumn Vortex Throw PillowFor the modern decorator, this swirl pillow is terrific, don’t you think?

LEAF Throw PillowThis pillow would be great in my 26 year old daughter’s apartment.  She has it decorated in blacks/whites and green.  I can’t believe how cheap these are!


Fall weddings are my favorite…Here is a picture of a stunning fall wedding done by Preston Bailey.  He is amazing!

You could frame this print for your kitchen to spice it up for fall.

Squash Art Print by Mark MillerThis pitcher from Fitz and Floyd doesn’t need anything to fill it, it is beautiful the way it is. 

Harvest Pitcher 


Why not attend a Truffle festival in Italy if you are traveling there this fall.  If you haven’t tasted a truffle, you are in for a delicious treat.  September is a spectacular time to head to Italy and the countryside.   

Have you seen this beautiful light fixture from Pottery Barn?

Fall decorating is so simple and creative.  There are so many natural everyday gifts from our gardens, markets etc. that can be used to transform and favorite basket, vase, bowl etc. into a stunning arrangement.  Have fun, use your imagination and bring the outdoors~~~ inside for a lovely transition from summer to fall.

Happy decorating!


 Little pumpkin heads from Anne Geddes