I could have used these today while heading out to the farm market for my corn! (from www.wellywarehouse)

Feels like fall here today.  We are finally getting a much needed rain.  It’s been gloomy all day, but the lawns, flowers, gardens and crops sure need this.  I had the day off and picked up 6 dozen ears of corn from our favorite farmer who sells much of his beautiful vegetables at his farm’s outdoor market. (my husband doesn’t grow corn in his garden yet)  I sat in the garage and shucked corn for my excitement this morning, all 71 ears..I only had to discard one, (shucks!!) it had a smaller Siamese ear growing to it’s main ear, quite the site!  When my husband came home, we boiled/blanched/cut and bagged the corn, and put 25 full, beautiful and golden fresh bags of corn into the freezer.  It will sure taste good this fall and winter when we enjoy it– bringing back the taste of summer.

Today would have been a good day to lounge in a beautiful conservatory like the one above; sitting among lovely, flourishing plants, sipping on a exotic tea, and curling up with the good book that I’m reading now,–“The Long Walk Home”– by Will North. (It was a nice treat that came in the mail yesterday from my sweet sister-in-law who had read it and thought that I would enjoy it also)  It certainly fits right in with today’s weather, it is set in Northern Wales, which certainly has its share of rain and clouds. 

I would love an old stone house to restore, and a conservatory like the ones below would add such charming character inside and out.

The following 15 pictures are from a company called:  TANGLEWOOD CONSERVATORIES INC.  Denton, Maryland.  I find them stunning, romantic and exceptionally beautiful.

Enjoy– Dream of how you would set the theme/style for the interior..would you use it for a sun room, dining area, lounge area, exotic plant area and sitting room, music room???  What are your plans for it?

Which is your favorite?


Oh my, I would love this one..it gets my vote!!!  The water, the land, the home..I can start packing now!

How romantic is this conservatory?


How about this one by your pool?  What a rough day hanging out in here would be!!


The one below makes a stunning impression along the drive.  Love the dome!


How about a separate one, detached from the house..possibly a guest house, an office?

I love this one above and the look of the home’s exterior.   I bet the view is stunning!


Lancaster Conservatories–picture below.




The Following are all from Renaissance Conservatory from Leona, PA.  They are all absolutely gorgeous aren’t they?  Which one of these would you want?


How about a soak in this hot tub!Well, I found quite a few that I would take in a minute, how about you?

What originally started as an addition to be used for exotic and house plants, has now become a room for multi-purposes. 



A 999,000 sq. ft. conservatory..The Cyrstal Palace.

The Crystal Palace was built in Hyde Park, London, England to hold the Great Exhibition of 1851—all 999,0000 sq. feet of it!   It was moved from its location after the exhibition to a wealthy location in London called, Sydeham Hill.  It stood from 1854-1936, until it was destroyed by fire.  I can’t imagine how stunning and breathtaking it was to be one of the fortunate exhibitors and visitors.

I hope you enjoyed the photo’s and maybe have a bug to add on to your house, a new conservatory.  What a wonderful addition it would be to a home and the multi purposes that it could serve.

Good evening, until next time,