Hi all,

Hope everyone has some fun plans for the holiday weekend.  Drive safely if you are on the roads, it will busy with holiday travelers and there are always some crazy fools on the road.

We are off to Door County for a relaxing weekend.   Staying at the lovely Ashbrooke Inn  with our wonderful friends Jane and Louie.  They have been friends with us since the guys were in college together.  They met in one of their tougher classes–bowling class–I’m sure they were great students and excelled in the class!!   Anyway, we have remained close friends since; they were in our wedding and we are the godparent’s of their daughter Kathleen.  We always have a great time when we are with them.

Really looking forward to a long weekend –Some golfing, bumming, shopping, eating, reading etc.  Off to beautiful Door County…hope you have a fantastic weekend.Till next time,