SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER………Is that bidder you?

Years ago when we were first married and fresh out in my husbands practice, we would go to quite a few auctions to buy things to help fill up some of our spaces in our first homes.  We always had a blast, and on several occasions came away with a few good things that we got “cheap.”  And other times, the box that we thought would be filled with great finds, turned out to be a flop.  It’s fun to bid on items…feeling the adrenaline rush and the nervousness of bidding higher and higher and then– knowing when to quit.  That’s the big one..knowing when enough is enough to pay for something…do you really want it that bad??  But when you do get the highest bid and go home with something you absolutely couldn’t live without, you are feeling quite high!

These days you can go right to your computer and bid on things anywhere from rock/paper/scissors game to a

$12,500 original oil paintingROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS!

at online auction sites such as Ebay.  Other online auction sites are Ebid, CQout, Ubid, Telbid, Doba, Bidz, Auction Air, Atomic Deals to name a few more.  Some of them work differently than Ebay, you would have to check them out to see how the buying and selling is handled. For furniture and antiques try:  Old and Sold Antiques,, Echat,  Sotheby’s and many more.

Do you have lots of spare change??  Because that’s what it is going to take to go to a Sotheby’s in New  York on Sept. 26th.  The auction scheduled for that day will be of the private collections of Rear Admiral Edward P. Moore and Barbara Bingham Moore, the late collectors of amazing and beautiful early American Furniture. Their pieces are exceptional, and it would be quite an experience to see their antiques auctioned.  I wonder if a couple thousand would buy me anything???

If that one doesn’t catch your eye..Here are a few more Sotheby’s auctions that would be wondefulto attend…anyone want to go withme?  I would prefer the one in Paris, is that all right with you??

1) 03 Oct 08–Paris
Fine European Furniture, including Ceramics, Tapestries, Carpets and Works of Art Oct 08
2)New York…The Léon Lévy collection: Important French Furniture and Works of Art 06 Nov 08  [

Leon Levy French Armories…now that would be my kind of auction.

 This lower picture of a wired door French Cabinet is at Randy’s Antiquariam Home online auction.  Aren’t the feet interesting?


EBAY …. Going online right now on Ebay, I’m finding over 10,000 items in the antique furniture section..over 207 pages of wonderful and exciting pieces to scour.  There are so many attractive things and a few odd balls thrown in also, some that I couldn’t imagine anyone craving.  But as they say, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.”

( **Weird items for bidding on..How about the sweaty, old socks that were at $89.00, or a women selling her cheating husbands personal items–got to love em!)

 How about bidding on these beautiful pieces of Majolica from Auctions–Old and Sold.  My friend and employee Anne-from the South-would love these.This bronze/gilded table would be great in my living room…it’s bid is at $315.00 right now on Ebay.How about bidding on this rare C1790 Sheraton Sofa.  I love the fabric and everything about it!  (Ebay) From Crown Jewel Antiques..funny how I always fall in love with something and the word crown/queen comes into play to match my nickname…it’s fate I guess.These French matching chairs are exquisite, they are on Ebay.

Do you need some great looking french chairs with rush seats to slide up to your farmhouse table?  EbayI absolutely adore this chair..but not the price..on Ebay and listed at about $3,500 right now.This cabinet is definitely a great piece to add to your living room or great room, or next to a bed.  I’d bid on the dogs too!


Are you looking for that special fountain??  Maybe you would like to bid on one of these…the first is starting at $65,000 and the second is listed at a start of $9,500.  They would be a bear to ship though..ha!

Now, I would love to own this Baccarat Chandelier or the other two fixtures.  The first one is an antique French Lantern, and the other two are antique angel sconces. (Ebay)

So you see, you don’t have to leave home to attend an auction.  Although, half the fun is walking around, people watching and enjoying the thrill of the bidding.  From the comfort of your own home you can sit with your cup of coffee or glass of wine and find thousands of items and bid on a few– or just research pieces of artwork, furniture etc. that you are interested in–or you can just dream for awhile of things that you would love to own, but can’t afford. (Darn, that’s not too much fun!)  Coffee for me would probably be best, after a few glasses of wine, I might get too easy with my bidding and spend more than I should!  One good thing regarding online bidding can’t mistakenly hold up your card and end up going home with something you didn’t intend to buy!  Especially if it is a pair of old, sweaty socks!

Talk to you later………Take care.