Good Afternoon……It’s a beautiful Wisconsin summer day.

The humidity is gone here…along with Brett Favre–from what I hear on the latest Brett sighting..he has boarded a private plane and off to talk football someplace else, I presume.   You know..I absolutely love the guy, how he help our Packers and what he brought to the team— But—isn’t there life after football? 

 As a women, it’s hard to understand this football thing, so I’m trying to comprehend how he is feeling and the only thing I can relate it to is this..  I know how it feels to be out of a job and retire.

It reminds me of how I felt when my last daughter left home.  My job that I had for over 21 years was over and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself…what next?  I wouldn’t be needed for each play, there wouldn’t be any more practices, no dirty uniforms, Sunday’s would sure be different, and no more high five’s, pats on the rear or chest butts…but I had to go on and move to the next stage of my life.  It’s a difficult time with lots of soul searching, but along with the change, also came some freedoms and time for other adventures. The biggest difference between Brett and me as I see it is…$$$$ and possibly another chance.  I didn’t get paid and I don’t get a second chance.  I did my best, I did what I thought was right at the time, ( I did it without a manual or game plan) and I’m proud of my team.  I don’t want to play again, I miss my offensive and defensive players, but I wouldn’t want to start over!!   So, good luck Brett…whatever you decide for your future, just do your best and call your mother.


There’s No Place Like Home


I’ve been wanting to share pictures of our home with you and I’ve finally downloaded some I have taken.  We built this house 10 years ago.  We had previously lived in two older homes, one over one hundred years old.  I dearly loved them both, but we decided to try our hand at building. So, we had something designed and built to resemble a Country French Home.  I was tired of running to the lower, old, musty basement to the do the laundry, the small closets, and also going outside in the cold Wisconsin winters to the garage, (that wasn’t attached) freezing my nose hairs and carrying grocery’s, and also other reasons that helped to make our decision to move.

 Our whole building experience went exceptionally well. I had everything planned and decorated in my mind, long before the first pile of dirt was scooped up.  The five months were very enjoyable; the builders and crew made life easy and building fun.  I was on hand for all of the decisions and stopped by almost every day.  (I wasn’t a pest, I just liked to see the progress) My husband Dan had a busy practice to oversee and couldn’t get away during the day for meetings; he usually stopped by at night and on weekends.  (Of course, being a designer…I didn’t mind making most of the decisions at all, like I would have vetoed his ideas most likely anyway!)   On one occasion, he stopped by on his afternoon off and one of the workers who hadn’t ever met or seen him before, scrambled and told everyone, “The inspector is here!”  We got a good laugh out of that one.

The following are pictures of the exterior of our home and a couple odds and ends. It’s more room then we need for just the two of us, but when the family comes home, we have plenty of space for them.  Now with a new grand baby on the way, we’ll have room for a crib, and all the trimmings for when they come home to visit.!!  I’m working all ready on filling it up; it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!


The English ivy drives my husband nuts, it takes over every year.  I threaten him each year not to touch it. I love it and I don’t mind if anything won’t grow in it.  I love all the green and vines that eventually grow up the tree.  He dare not ever remove it!My window boxes aren’t showing some of the pink or purple flowers in the background…but oh well, you get the idea.Eventually the climbing hydrangea vines will take over (little inset right corner of the picture) on the right flat wall.  Out in the backyard we have a lovely patio and a great wooded area behind our house.

We have a wetlands behind our home, most of the time it’s wonderful…deer, wild flowers, lots of birds..but now and then lots of water, and it draws mosquitoes and they attack like women at a designer shoe sale!  It’s a natural wetlands and protected, so nothing can ever be built on it.  Oh, well, you have to take the good with the bad. 

Off to enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe relax after my work day is done out on the patio.  A good book and a nice glass of wine sounds inviting. 

Take care, until next time,